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Water jet cutting in Abu Dhabi

Water jet cutting in Abu Dhabi

Extraordinary precision is guaranteed by the state-of-the-art Water Jet Cutting Machine in Abu Dhabi. The machine is operated by professionally trained technicians, dedicated to achieving the most accurate profile cutting of even the most intricate drawing. The machine is calibrated to allow Al Eiman team to accommodate different materials up to 3 m x 2 m in sheet size of variable thickness, kindly view the table below: All the materials can be cut with the extreme precision 0.05 mm tolerance without causing disturbance to the original properties of the materials. If you look for the best waterjet cutting near me, you will find us ranked at the top. Without any delay connect with us if you are in search of the number one service provider of waterjet cutting near me.

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CNC in Abu Dhabi

Water Jet cutting Division has been set up in the premises with the installation of a state-of-the-art CNC water jet cutting machines from M/s Water Jet cutting Germany, to serve the needs of the local market. The unit is managed by experienced engineers and technicians. We offer CNC cutting services for almost all materials in any 2 – dimensional shape and profile. Machine bed size is 3 Mtr x 2 Mtr, and Cnc Cutting. Search for the finest CNC cutting services near me and we can confidently say that you will find us ranked high in the list. Contact us if you are looking for the leading CNC cutting services near me today!

CNC in Abu Dhabi


The machine uses high pressure water to cut softer materials like rubber and the abrasive jet adds abrasives to water to cut harder materials like steel, glass and titanium. The high pressure water is forced through a tiny orifice to concentrate high energy in a tiny area, thus enabling highly précised cutting with a CNC in Abu Dhabi smooth finish.


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The following chart gives the maximum thickness for different materials that can be cut in our water jet cutting machine.



Some systems can produce parts with a tolerance as near as 0.001″ using flow waterjet technology (0.025 mm). Part tolerances for waterjet cutting typically range from 0.003″ to 0.005″ of an inch. If you are looking for cnc cutting services near me then we are your right fit.

Small hole cutting is another skill that waterjets are proficient at. The minimal hole diameter in metal sheet thicknesses (3/16″ thick or less) is approximately 0.060″. A decent general rule of thumb is a minimum hole diameter of 20% of the material thickness for thicker plates.

Hard materials can be sliced using a waterjet cutter at a depth of 25–30 cm (10–12 inches). Although thicker materials can be sliced, doing so slows down the process. The amount of material you can cut with a water jet cutter is unlimited if you have a lot of free time.

Factors affecting the quality of water jets cutting process are:

  • Nozzle diameter
  • Standoff distance
  • Traverse velocity
  • Pump jet pressure
You must select a water jet that has the appropriate pressure level for the task you intend to use it for in order to make the best decision. Find your right waterjet cutting near me and get professional help.
On steel or metal, plasma cutting machines may cut at up to 200 ipm (inches per minute). Plasma cutting is faster than water jet cutting, which is slower. Water jets can only cut at a speed of no more than 15 inches per minute. One of the primary differences is the faster cutting rates of plasma cutters. The waterjet cutting near me gives you the ideal waterjet cutter.