CNC Waterjet Cutting

Technology :

The machine uses high pressure water to cut softer materials like rubber and the abrasive jet adds abrasives to water to cut harder materials like steel, glass and titanium. The high pressure water is forced through a tiny orifice to concentrate high energy in a tiny area, thus enabling highly précised cutting with a smooth finish.

Advantages over conventional cutting :

  • Cold cutting process
  • No thermal stress
  • Can cut any odd shaped profile as per the AutoCAD drawing
  • Can cut special materials, plastic coated metals, fiber reinforced material etc.
  • High cutting accuracy at a reasonable cost
  • Environment friendly
Advantages of water jet cutting at Al Eiman Group Of Companies:

  • Our machine can accommodate sheets / plates of sizes upto 3m x 2m.
  • High accuracy of cut with tolerance of +/-0.05mm can be achieved with our machine.
  • We specialize in cutting stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, brass, copper, titanium, aluminum and other metals apart from various materials like marble, ceramics, tiles, rubber, acrylic, crystal, plastic etc.
  • Highly competitive prices with timely delivery.
Waterjet Systems are ideal for water jet cutting metal, steel, aluminum, titanium, brass and much more. Water-jet cutting is fast, precise, reliable, safe and eliminates heat-affected zones while creating clean, burr-free cuts at up to 60,000psi.