High quality laser cutting in Abu Dhabi

We offer high quality laser cutting in Abu Dhabi. Laser cutting is a thermal fabrication method wherein varied types of materials are cut by amplifying laser light. Different types of materials including plastic, metal, wood, glass etc are custom designed into different shapes using laser cutting. We are well equipped with adequate resources for carrying out laser cutting in Abu Dhabi which helps in forming precise and detailed shapes and parts. Our personnel are qualified and experienced and have detailed knowledge about what they do. All kinds of laser cutting in Abu Dhabi are carried out by us including fusion cutting, scribing, oxidation cutting etc. When compared to other types of cutting such as mechanical cutting laser cutting has benefits. Laser cutting can produce high quality shapes with good finishes. The waste from laser cutting is also very less and the damage to the material is also very limited. In our process of  laser cutting in Abu Dhabi, after analysing the materials, its properties and related factors we will employ the most suitable cutting process. There are different steps involved in laser cutting such as beam generation, beam focussing, heating, melting, material ejection and beam movement.

Benefits of laser cutting