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Our Team is Capable of Manifacturing The Most Complex Metal Structures , assuring an End Result That Will Exceed The client’s Expectation. We can confidently say that we are the best stainless steel fabricators in Abu Dhabi and top rated among the aluminium fabrication companies in Abu Dhabi.


Al Eiman Group of Companies has the necessary experience in carrying out Fabrication & Erection of structural steel works based on the client’s requirement. We also provide SHOP DRAWINGS with DESIGN CALCULATION and proposal. We have carried out structural fabrication for oil and gas related projects, power and desalination units and other commercial projects. Being the leading stainless steel fabricators in Abu Dhabi we have well qualified Engineers and workshop personnel to execute major projects to the client’s total satisfaction and within the allotted time schedule.

stainless steel fabricators in abu dhabi

The best part of our scaffolding services is competitive price with the best services possible, we do not compromise in the safety of our employees and customer support. We are committed to providing safe, high quality scaffolding backed by excellent customer service in our office located in Mussafah, Abu Dhabi and support staff. Renowned as the finest among the scaffolding companies in Abu Dhabi, we are fully committed to providing quality products at the most competitive prices to our customers.


Platforms and crossovers are used in various sectors like oilfields and desalination plants. Saddles and pipe clamps from diameter 2″ to 48″ of various thicknesses can be fabricated at our place of works. Pipe Racks / Cable Racks / Gland Box used in industries related to oil & gas and desalination plants have been fabricated at our workplace.


Monorails & crane girders of required tonnage have been fabricated at our workplace. Fuel tanks up to 15000 gallons have also been successfully fabricated & delivered. Silos for ready mix companies and garbage skips for municipality have also been fabricated at Al Eiman


Handrails for various platforms, Cage / Ship / Cat Ladder for various industrial uses have been fabricated at our workshop. Maingate for sub-station and fencing for transformer room have also been manufactured at our workshop.


Steel Angle / Plate / Frame Inserts, Embedded Plates have been done at Al Eiman Group Of Companies. Chequered plate covers for trenches, Grating covers with Grating clips for platforms and for various industrial uses have been fabricated at Al Eiman Group Of Companies.


Al Eiman Group Of Companies. has necessary experience to carry out stainless steel works for industrial purposes and this has made us renowned as the best stainless steel fabricators in Abu Dhabi. This includes Stainless Steel Embedded Plates, Tanks, Gratings, Handrails, Flanges, and ladders for various applications.


Al Eiman Group Of Companies. has carried out fabrication for various special type of formwork for the construction industry. Scaffolding items like cuplocks, ledgers of different lengths & other scaffolding fittings are available at our workshop.

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The process of forming aluminium into a completed item, whether a solar panel component or an outside enclosure, is known as aluminium fabrication. Being one of the top aluminum fabrication companies in Abu Dhabi, a variety of techniques are used in the fabrication of aluminium, including shearing, welding, bending, stamping, and extrusion, to mention a few.

The process of shaping, cutting, welding, and assembling stainless steel sheets or components into desired products or structures is known as stainless steel fabrication. Strong, corrosion-resistant goods fit for a variety of uses are the outcome of this technique. As the top stainless steel fabricators in Abu Dhabi, our experts specialize in constantly focusing on innovation.

A number of advantages come with fabricating structures out of aluminium, such as its resistance to corrosion, recyclability, light weight, and design adaptability. It is a great option for industries where durability, strength, and flexibility are crucial because of these attributes.
Benefits of stainless steel fabrication include a high strength-to-weight ratio, superior resistance to corrosion, visual attractiveness, and reduced maintenance needs. Due to their structure, they can be used in a variety of settings, especially where corrosion is a problem.
Selecting a trustworthy fabrication company entails taking into account a number of variables, including project deadlines, client feedback, experience, reputation, and proficiency with particular materials (such as stainless steel or aluminium). A comprehensive assessment guarantees that you collaborate with a reliable and competent supplier. As one of the best aluminum fabrication companies in Abu Dhabi, we have highly skilled engineers and workshop workers to complete large projects on time and to the complete satisfaction of the client.
A vast variety of structures, such as furniture, signage, industrial equipment, plumbing systems, architectural components, and specially created goods, can be produced by fabrication firms. Complex and varied structures can be produced due to the diversity of fabrication techniques.
Aluminum has a much lower density than stainless steel, so materials made from it can be lighter in weight. On the other hand, aluminum is much more subject to corrosion than stainless steel, so outside exposure will lead to deterioration much more quickly than stainless.

Yes, the majority of fabrication companies including Al Eiman Group of Companies provide bespoke design services catered to the unique needs of their clientele. This covers product or structure design consulting, prototyping, and production. Fabricators collaborate closely with clients to realise their ideas while guaranteeing standards compliance, aesthetics, and usefulness.

The complexity of the project, the size of the building, the choice of materials, and other elements all affect how long the fabrication process takes. Fabrication companeis usually give clients anticipated deadlines based on project specifications so they can manage expectations and make appropriate plans. As the top stainless steel fabricators in Abu Dhabi, we are is committed to providing its customers with both quality products and exceptional customer service.
In general, fabricated structures composed of stainless steel or aluminium are simple to maintain. Because of their natural resistance to corrosion, these materials require less regular maintenance. The longevity and functionality of prefabricated constructions may frequently be ensured with routine cleaning and sporadic inspections, which reduces downtime and expenses.