Laser cutting is a high-power laser beam that is used in the high-precision CNC thermal process known as laser cutting to cut, melt, or burn a sheet of material. It cuts and etches sheet material as per the design specifications using a focused beam of light. It works well with a range of material types, including metals, wood, and polymers, and it can create intricate pieces without the need for a specially made tool.

Due to its repeatability, it can be used for both one-time projects or low-to-medium volume production. Metal production uses laser cutting particularly well (steel, brass, aluminum, or nickel). Due to its great precision, dependability, and resulting flawless finishes, it has solidly established itself as a choice in the production of medical equipment. If you are looking for CNC cutting services near me, then you will definitely find us in the results.

This article discusses the characteristics of the process and introduces the fundamental distinctions between the various forms of laser cutting. By the end, you will have a general understanding of the technology’s fundamental concepts of laser cutting.

How does laser cutting work?

Laser cutting employs a powerful laser that is guided by computer numerical control (CNC) and optics to cut material. Usually, a motion control system is used in the process to adhere to a CNC or G-code of the design that needs to be cut onto the material. In order to produce a high-quality surface finished edge, the focused laser beam melts, vaporizes, burns, or is blasted away by a jet of gas.

The laser beam is produced by stimulating lasing materials with electrical discharges or lamps inside a closed container. The lasing material is internally reflected by a partial mirror and amplified until it has sufficient energy to be released as a stream of continuous monochromatic light.

It is made more intense by using mirrors or fiber optics to send the light beam via a lens and into the work area where it is concentrated.

A laser beam’s narrowest point normally has a diameter of less than 0.0125 inches (0.32 mm), however, depending on the material thickness, it is possible to have a kerf width as thin as 0.004 inches (0.10 mm).

A high-power pulsed laser creates a hole in the material when the laser-cutting process needs to begin somewhere other than the material’s edge. For instance, it takes 5–15 seconds to burn through a 13 mm (0.5 inches) thick stainless steel sheet.

Types of laser cutting

There are three basic types of laser cutting systems: gas laser cutting, crystal laser cutting, and fiber laser cutting.

  1. Gas Lasers: The oldest of all techniques, this technique uses a carbon dioxide (CO2) mixed laser and is best suited for slicing through non-metals or engraving metals.
  2. Crystal lasers: This technique uses crystal materials to enable powerful metal-cutting capabilities that enable the processing of both metal and non-metal materials. These lasers have the shortest life spans and are often more expensive.
  3. Fiber lasers: the latest of all cutting techniques, it produces stronger and more focused laser beams using fiber optics. This makes it an ideal tool for cutting heavy metals while reducing production costs.

Why should you use laser cutting?

When compared to other production methods, laser cutting has a number of benefits, including increased cutting precision, accuracy, and customization.

One of the main benefits of laser cutting is that the process is non-contact, meaning the material being cut is not in touch with the laser beam.

In the end, this saves time and money by minimizing damage to the material work surface and enabling high-quality cuts that typically do not require intensive secondary cleaning, treating, or finishing. If you are looking for laser cutting services in Abu Dhabi, then we are there for you.

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