Exploring the Vital Functions of Manpower Supply Companies

Exploring the Vital Functions of Manpower Supply Companies

The UAE is a bustling economy driven by its oil and natural gas reserves. However due to the commitment of its administration to diversify the economy, which is already evident from its Vision 2021 and Vision 2030, other areas such as tourism, hospitality, IT, and finance are also gaining traction in the country. Such developments as well as the influx of the expat population have also resulted in the growth of the construction sector for housing and infrastructure development. The whole point is that the UAE needs a considerable volume of manpower to cater to these emerging industries.

Here comes the role of a manpower supply company in Abu Dhabi. The vital functions of these entities are explored further.

Recruitment and Sourcing

Human resource hiring is in itself a tedious and time-consuming affair. It begins with job postings and advertisements to attract suitable candidates. A stringent screening of potential candidates through interviews and verification of qualification follows this. As much as the effort put into such an extensive hiring process it could weigh on the expenses of the company owner. A manpower supply company that maintains a consistent pool of talent through a rigorous recruitment process can help to cut such efforts, time, and cost while sourcing skilled laborers.

This functionality is emphasized especially in the following situations:

  • Employee Shedding: Sometimes employee leaves the company out of disinterest or dissatisfaction. In such cases, instead of repeating an entire hiring process employers can go straight to manpower suppliers.
  • Temporary Vacancies: Sometimes companies may need to hire temporary staff to meet an emerging short-term demand. Here manpower suppliers with their talent pool is an alluring alternative to direct hiring. To cite an example, a study by the Dubai Chamber of Commerce highlighted the significant contribution of temporary labor supplies by manpower suppliers to the growth of the hospitality sector in Dubai particularly during peak seasons and events.

Skills Training and Development

Industries in the UAE such as oil and natural gas, and construction sectors need skilled labourers who are updated with the latest trends and technology. It can drain a considerable sum of money through the hiring process. Fortunately, manpower supply companies can scale up the number of personnel to be trained and cut costs spent on training individual batches. While they cut costs employers have a viable and cost-effective source to get qualified skilled labor.

Compliance with Labour Laws and Regulations

Hiring employees also involves a lot of paperwork including work visas, permits, and employment contracts. A manpower supply company in Abu Dhabi takes charge of these functions while leaving potential employers to focus on other productive aspects.

Workforce Planning and Management

Another vital function of a manpower supply company is to assist clients in managing workforce planning by rightly identifying staffing needs. They also play a part in optimizing staffing levels efficiently.

Some of the vital functions of manpower supply companies have been dealt with. However, their role and responsibilities don’t stop with these few functions. They have a dynamic functionality that always keeps an eye on industry trends, performance monitoring and feedback, and conflict resolution through employee relations.

manpower supply company in Abu Dhabi that is reliable as far as these responsibilities are concerned must be something that you are looking for. In this pursuit, Al Eiman is one of the best options to partner with.

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