Understanding the Role of Various Scaffolding Types in Construction

Understanding the Role of Various Scaffolding Types in Construction

Scaffolding is an integral part of a construction, when the construction workers work at great heights. The important aspects of erecting a scaffolding is its stability, labourer safety and the availability of ground space. You might have seen workers who work at hoardings,  construction sites and other places where they have to reach up to great heights. Their safety is guaranteed with a properly built scaffolding. Scaffolding companies in Abu Dhabi have different types of scaffolding that would be suitable for workers working at different heights. They can help you choose the right equipment depending on the industry you are working for. The scaffolding companies have a huge responsibility while delivering products that take workers to great heights. They make no compromises in the strength, stability and durability of the equipment.

Here are some basic terms in scaffolding which will help you in knowing more about them:

Standard: A standard is the vertical component of a scaffolding. It is the part which connects scaffoldings to the ground.

Ledger: It is the horizontal part of a scaffolding. It is where the workers hold their ground.

Putlog: The component which links the wall and ledger together.

Now let us try to have a look at the various scaffolding types provided by scaffolding companies in Abu Dhabi and their respective roles in construction:

Double Scaffolding

While in single scaffolding a perfect mesh of standards and ledgers fixed together is used, in double scaffolding, also known as independent scaffolding there will be two parallel meshes that are connected together. There is no need for putlogs to connect them to walls, for they can stand independently. You will find these equipment used in the construction industry because they provide for superior levels of support.

Cantilever Scaffolding

Cantilever Scaffolding is also known as needle scaffolding and is a specialised system used widely in construction and maintenance projects. The specialty of these scaffolding is that they can be suspended from overhead supports and extend outward. These scaffolding come with an edge protection that will prevent the workers from falling off.

 Suspended Scaffolding

 Just like cantilever scaffolding, the suspended scaffolding doesn’t require ground support. Prominent scaffolding companies in Abu Dhabi provide such scaffolding as per the requirement. If it is economically feasible to support platforms from above without having to go through the difficulty of erecting an entire scaffolding frame it would be a good idea to go for suspended scaffolding. This type of scaffolding is either fixed or operated using pulleys or winches. And used by contractors used for painting tall buildings.

Rolling Scaffolding

This is a scaffolding arrangement that caters to works that need frequent movement of workers. Also known as mobile scaffolding this type of scaffolding is easy to dismantle and set up at different positions. There are also many other types of scaffoldings like Tube and Clamp Scaffolding and System Scaffolding. The best scaffolding companies in Abu Dhabi provide all these and more at reasonable rates, making them suitable for your construction requirements.

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