The piping system has many components and the pipe spools are the revolutionary ones. Pipe spools are produced before they are used in the piping system and they majorly include pipes, flanges and fittings. Elliman is one of the reputable pipe construction companies in Abu Dhabi, and we witness our growth at a high pace as the best pipe spoon; fabricators in Abu Dhabi. The demand for pipe spools is high due to its advantages to ease the work which made us evolve into a reliable pipe spool fabricator in Abu Dhabi. So, here we are to tell you about the merits of pipe spools and how it simplifies the works.

4 advantages of pipe spool fabrication

The quality of work can be increased with pipe spool fabrication

On-site pipe spool fabrication will be subjected to dirt, dust, grime and mud which will bring problems to get the precision it requires. It can also risk the quality of the pipe spool and hence appreciable pipe spool fabrication is carried out within a factory under controlled environments. You are supposed to use the most qualified pipe fitters, welders and fabricators to get the right pipe spool under ideal conditions. Access to advanced machinery is of great help.

Reliable time frames

You cannot trust on-site fabrication as it depends on various factors like weather. It can bring non-recommended delays in work due to rain, snowing, or sleeting. While to ensure the scheduled fabrication, factory fabrication is the best which will only have fewer disruptions and more ensured productivity.

Improved testing

With highly professional technicians and controlled environments, you can ensure high-quality testing easily. The advanced technologies will also give you the most accurate results which will help you make sure the safety of the fitting before put into service


Off-site pipe spool fabrication is comparatively cost-effective as it offers an environment to produce a large number of pipe spools in less amount of time with the best personnel and machinery. Fewer welds equate to less testing and possible failure points which can be made in a factory.

Other merits of pipe spools are

Pipe spools are introduced to ease the fitting works and hence, the quality of work is easier to be managed or maintained under controlled environments. Its high accuracy will ensure that there will be no need for rework at the site and as it is carried in the factory, there is no worrying about production delays. Prefabricated spools need lesser fabrication and assembly time, hence, there is no time or cost wastage. The other advantage is that it won’t only a little investment in the production and testing equipment and majorly radiography, PMI, MPI, ultrasonic tests, and Hydro tests are used to ensure the efficiency of the performances. The most dependable merit is that it does not demand power availability.

Mainly used pipeline systems are generally:

Steel pipes

Steel pipes are ideal for the water and flammable gas supply and are highly recommended for many homes and businesses to transfer natural gas or propane fuel. The other applications of steel pipes are for fire sprinkler systems. The high heat resistance, durability and its strength to withstand pressure, temperatures, heavy shocks and vibrations make it highly purposeful.

Copper pipes

Both hot water and cold water can be transported via copper pipes. Flare connection, compression connection or solder is used to join the copper pipes and it is edged with its corrosion resistance.

Aluminium pipes

The low cost, resistance to corrosion and ductility make it ideal for several purposes. It can be connected by the flare of compression fittings.

Glass pipes

It is used as corrosive liquids, medical or laboratory wastes, or in pharmaceutical manufacturing. O-ring fittings or specialised gasket is used to connect glass pipes.